Vectornator empowers you to create innovative print designs on a platform designed to be both intuitive and powerful.
Design anything you can imagine with the vector graphic design software that combines fluid vector illustrations with high-powered text editing tools.
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Perfectly-aligned Print Design Projects

Print design is perhaps the oldest application of graphic design. It's integral to our society, even as web design work becomes more and more commonplace.Vectornator enables you to import your projects over from Adobe Illustrator and many other tools. Work in whichever program you prefer. With Vectornator's many different import and export options, you can work unhindered by file type. Boost your workflow with over 80.000 icons from our free Iconator integration and over 1 million royalty-free images to use in your prints provided by Unsplash.

Color Accuracy. Down to the Pixels.

With Vectornator on your iPad, Mac, or iPhone, all your print projects are completed in a calibrated, color accurate display under a wide color gamut (P3) that helps you easily distinguish many different shades of color and find the exact palette you need for your print design.

CMYK Live Preview.

In addition to designing in a RGB P3 wide color gamut space, not only you can preview your exported designs in CMYK before printing, but you can turn on CMYK Preview mode in Settings to create your full design in CMYK from start to finish.

Print Design Toolset.

Vectornator includes numerous features to help make your next publication shine. Our wide toolset makes it possible for you to handle all your text and paragraphs with our Text Tool, quickly edit and mask images, create guides, and use custom fonts for your print design project. You can even open a PDF document to sign it with our Pencil or Brush tool!
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The Power of Vectors. Amplified.

Let's face it, there is a big difference in quality and precision between raster and vector-based print design. If most of your designs are still done in raster rather than scalable vectors, now is the time to switch. Vectornator allows you to trace your images instantly with Auto Trace.

Continuity Through the Entire Process.

We want to make your lives easier, not harder. We know that some tools are better for specific use cases, and that every tool has its pros and cons. We want to give you the best design experience possible, so we want you to decide which tool you use for each stage of your project, whether you want to work in Procreate,  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, or any other tool. The choice is yours.
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One Set of Tools. Infinite Applications.

On top of providing great tools for creating illustrations, Vectornator is great for other design cases too!  For instance, you can create all your interface, lettering, and print designs right inside Vectornator; with no need to switch to a different tool.

Any Questions?

What is print design and why does it still matter?

Print design is one of the oldest forms of graphic design. From newspapers to poster design, from signage to letterhead design - anything that is printed has to first be designed by someone.

In the modern world of digital marketing, infographics and social media posts make up the majority of the designed content you see. But the world of print design shares many of the same design considerations, plus a few of its own.

These days, print design includes all the examples mentioned earlier, but also applies to things like t-shirt and sticker design. There are many custom print shops where you can pay for your designs to be printed in high quality.

What is the difference between graphic design and print design?

Good graphic designers are highly sought-after professionals. But what sets print design apart from the broader scope of graphic design?

Simply put, print design is concerned with things that are going to be printed, like business cards or book covers.

If you want to expand your design skills into the world of print design, logo design is a great place to start, because it can easily bridge the gap between digital and print design.

Any good logo should be made with vectors, and there's no better program to use for creating one than Vectornator! Give it a try today.

What makes a good print design?

If you want to become a print designer, you need to learn the elements that make a piece of print design good.

First, a good piece of print design must have a strong visual identity. This is the foundation on which the rest of the piece will be based. The piece may also have a brand identity, which may completment the rest of the piece, but not always.

In print design, you must always pay strong attention to the typography of your design. It must be high-quality and fit the aesthetic of the rest of your piece, or it will cause dissonance for your audience.

There are many more factors, such as balance, layout, and color theory, so be prepared for some heavy reading if you plan to dive into the wonderful world of print design!

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