What is the Best Alternative to Pixelmator Pro?

Pixelmator Pro is an image editing software with a collection of tools for retouching photos and creating graphic designs. While it's full of features for both raster and vector-based use cases, Vectornator is designed specifically for vector designers in mind. We're dedicated to empowering beginner and professional creatives by providing the best vector tools on the market.

Superior Vector Tools

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful image-editing engine, but Vectornator's tools allow you to bring your ideas to life from scratch. Our modern and intuitive tools allow total creative freedom, from drawing precise vector paths with the Pen Tool to creating geometric logos with Shape Builder.

Multi-Device Application

While Pixelmator Pro is available exclusively to Mac users, Vectornator is available to download and use on any iOS, iPadOS, or macOS-supported device. Our desktop app is perfect for those who prefer working with a drawing tablet, or a keyboard and mouse. And our mobile apps on iPhone and iPad are touch-friendly. Vectornator on iPad is particularly fun to use—it's compatible with Apple Pencil and third-party styluses, so it feels just like paper!

In-Depth Learning Hub

We understand that learning a new design tool takes time, so that's why we're constantly improving our educational content. Our online and in-app Learning Hub is where you'll find helpful guides on how to use Vectornator's tools and features on both iPad and Mac. Plus, Vectornator Academy is home to a collection of free video courses and tutorials, so you can hone in on your vector design skills from anywhere in the world.

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Desktop-Level Precision.
On All Your Devices.

Vectornator's features help you to design with precision and innovation with just your finger.
Experience all the attention to detail you'd get on a desktop program on your iPad and iPhone as well. And if you want to use an Apple Pencil for even more accuracy, we support that too. Work in the way that's best for you!

So, why choose Vectornator?

Advanced Layers

We built a Layers Tab experience that makes browsing and managing the contents of your document a total breeze. With fully editable groups, infinite Nested Groups, Multi-Select Mode, and Click-Through Mode, you can manage your layered compositions with ease. You can also drag and drop elements between artboards, groups, or layers, without interrupting your creative flow.

Quick Actions Bar

The Quick Actions Bar takes the most useful options from the Inspector and puts them right below the object you have selected in order to speed up your workflow.

All Vector Tools

Our tools are vector-based. That means you can create digital paintings and graphic designs that can be scaled up or down to any size, all while keeping a crisp, clean aesthetic.

Multiple Artboards in One File

Free Vector Icons

We created Iconator, a library of over 80,000 royalty-free icons integrated into the Vectornator app. You can drop these vector elements straight into your document and modify and scale them to your exact specifications. This feature is incredibly useful for UI designers who might not have the time or skills to create illustrations from scratch. Find Iconator in the Library Tab.

Adjustable Strokes

Node Level Precision

Convenient Gesture Controls

Vectornator's gestures allow you to move around your canvas, undo or redo an action, clear, copy, paste, and find useful menus at your fingertips.

Endless Color Palettes

Working with color in Vectornator gives you total freedom, since there’s no limit to how many color palettes you can save in your library. You can import (or drag and drop) palettes from Procreate directly into Vectornator, and you can even create an instant palette from a photo. Color management is easy, too. You can rename every palette and set a default palette for every design project.

Sketch or Photography?

Auto Trace is a powerful Vectornator tool that instantly turns any raster image into editable vector paths. With three mode for different use cases—Sketch, Photography, and Illustration—Auto Trace is designed to output the best results possible, every time.

And if you can't decide which mode to choose, Vectornator uses a CoreML Machine Learning model to analyze your imported images and automatically select the best one for you.

Sketch Mode scans your imported drawings on paper and turns your pen and pencil lines into editable vector paths. This mode works particularly well with hand-drawn lettering and logos.

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Photography or Sketch?

If you’re unsure which Auto Trace mode to choose, don’t sweat it—Vectornator does it for you! Thanks to our CoreML Machine Learning model, Auto Trace analyzes your images and automatically selects the “Photography” or “Sketch” mode for you.

Photography Mode will auto-select all the tiny pixels in a raster image and transform them into vector shapes that you can edit and scale to any size.

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Vectornator is completely free
to download and use immediately.

The app includes all of our features, as well as access to our active community of creatives.

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See what people have made with Vectornator

All Vectornator users will have access to our Forum, where you’ll find the Art Gallery. This is a place for you to showcase your #madewithvectornator art, and check out what other creatives are making with our software.

Any Questions?

How much does Pixelmator Pro cost?

Pixelmator Pro is available on the Mac App Store for $39.99. Vectornator is free to download on both macOS and iOS devices.

Can I create a digital painting in Vectornator?

Of course! Vectornator is a powerful digital painting engine with a customizable vector Brush Tool. The possibilities are endless, and the results are infinitely scalable. You can even generate your own textured overlays by turning a photo into vectors using Auto Trace.

Can I edit photos in Vectornator?

You can import any image into Vectornator and edit it using our tools. And if you don't want to use your own photos, you can access millions of royalty-free images, thanks to our Unsplash integration feature. This built-in photo browser is perfect for gathering design assets, and you can even transform any photo into vector paths with Auto Trace. 

If you're looking to edit raw photos with non-destructive color adjustments like Levels, Curves, Hue & Saturation, then we recommend using Photoshop or the Pixelmator Photo app.

How does Auto Trace work in Vectornator?

Our powerful Auto Trace tool uses a custom algorithm to turn your sketches, photos, and illustrations into endlessly editable vector graphics. Rather than spend hours tracing over complex designs with the Pen Tool, Auto Trace does the hard work for you. That means you can spend your time refining the details by creating or deleting paths, editing nodes, changing colors, and much more.

Which app should I use for designing typography?

The advanced typography features in Vectornator allow you to create of kinds of beautiful lettering, and are just as powerful as the tools in Pixelmator Pro. Our platform allows you to craft and refine your typography with precision controls that can change your font's design, styling, and attributes. You can also import all of your custom fonts with Fontinator.

Which app should I use for designing logos?

Pixelmator Pro comes with a collection of pre-made Smart Shapes that are a great place to start when designing logos. However, Vectornator is the place to go if you want to design an eye-catching logo that's entirely unique and easy on the eye. Using our Shape Builder tool is a quick and fun way to create custom shapes that comply with the rules of the Golden Ratio. This is how the famous Twitter logo was designed, for example. 

With Shape Builder activated, use Merge Mode to combine selected shapes and then switch to Erase Mode to remove any unwanted objects.

What other graphic design software is simple to use?

Many creatives claim that vector-based software programs are hard to learn, but we designed Vectornator to be easy. Our tools are extremely intuitive and designed to be used on Mac, iPad, or even your iPhone. Check out our Learning Hub and YouTube Channel for tips on how to use Vectornator.

Can I design social media posts in Vectornator?

You sure can! We even have a bunch of pre-made templates waiting for you to open and begin designing. Just open the app, hit "New Document," and tap "Social Media" to explore different-sized templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin. Vectornator is especially useful for Social Media Marketers who want to design fun visuals.

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