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New Features Overview

New Features Overview

What’s new? Read on to learn how to use the latest features introduced to Vectornator for iPad.

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Discover the latest features we introduced to Vectornator for iPad:

The Multi Color Text Feature

The Multi Color Text feature has been introduced with the 4.13.4 update. The feature allows users to apply various colors to words or singular letters within the same text box. It offers greater creative control and flexibility over designs.

To use this feature, activate the Text Tool ~ic-text~~ic-text~ and type your text using the keyboard. Tap on the text bounding box to select words or singular letters. Then, you can adjust the color of the selected text using the Fill ~ic-fill~~ic-fill~ and Stroke Section ~ic-stroke-width~~ic-stroke-width~ in the Style Tab ~ic-style-tab~~ic-style-tab~ or the Color Widget below the Toolbar. Additionally, the stroke width and alpha value can be customized for each word or singular letter within the text bounding box.

Go to the Section Text ->

The Background Removal Tool

Since the 4.13.0 update, we have introduced the Background Removal Tool. The AI-powered feature automatically removes the background of an imported raster image with one tap within seconds. Cut out even tricky areas such as fur and hair with incredible precision. Combine the isolated foreground image with new backgrounds to create stunning designs.

  • The Background Removal Tool is located in the context-sensitive Image section of the Style Tab.
Go to the Section Images ->

The Unified Inspector

With the iPadOS 16 updates, we unified the Inspector for a simplified interface. Instead of five tabs, the Inspector now contains the three following tabs:

•  The Style Tab ~ic-style-tab~~ic-style-tab~: At the top of the Style Tab icon, you’ll find the newly implemented Location Menu with static and context-aware tool controls.

•  The Layers Tab ~ic-layers-tab~~ic-layers-tab~: In the Layers Tab you can access and manage your layers, elements, Artboards, and objects.

•  The Library Tab ~ic-library-tab~~ic-library-tab~: In the Library Tab you can access and import Templates, Photos, SF Symbols, access the Unsplash Plugin and the Iconator Library.

Go to the Section Inspector  →

The Customizable Action Bar

The Action Bar is where you can access the tool editing options. Now, you can customize the Action Bar by adding or deleting operations via drag & drop. You can significantly speed up your workflow by customizing the Action Bar to your needs.

You’ll find the reorganized and extended File Menu to the left of the Action Bar.

Additionally, you can now customize the Settings Menu after your personal preferences.

Go to the Section Action Bar

Shape Builder Tool

In our 4.10 update we released the Shape Builder ~ic-shape-builder~~ic-shape-builder~, a potent tool for creating elaborate shapes fast and easily. You can merge or erase different parts of intersecting shapes with the Shape Builder Tool

Create elaborate shapes seamlessly with the Shape Builder Tool. You can merge or erase multiple shape parts and create an entirely new shape. This feature is handy for creating shapes for geometric logos, illustrations, and lettering. The Shape Builder Tool functions similar to Boolean Operations, where you merge two shapes into one.

•  With Merge Mode ~ic-merge-mode-sb~~ic-merge-mode-sb~ you can combine shapes. Tap or drag across shapes you want to combine.
•  Erase Mode ~ic-erase-mode-sb~~ic-erase-mode-sb~ is for removing areas of your shape. Tap or drag on the areas you want to erase.

Go to the Shape Builder Tool ->

Auto Trace Illustration Mode

While we previously launched Auto Trace with two different modes for different use cases— Sketch and Photography—the 4.9.0 Update includes a new mode specifically for illustrations. Auto Trace Illustration Mode is designed to transform colorful raster artworks into editable vector illustrations within seconds.

•  The Minimum Path Size slider sets the threshold for your path size. A higher value creates longer paths between points, resulting in a less detailed image, a lower value will generate shorter paths between points, producing a greater level of detail. By default, the Min Path Size for Illustration Mode is set at 10.
•  Users can also set the Level of Detail to Low, Regular, or High.
•  The Simplify option will generate vector shapes with fewer nodes.
•  The Keep Source Image options allows users to keep the original image after the tracing process is finished. The original image will be below the newly traced image in the layer hierarchy.

Go to the Section Auto Trace ->

Revamped Layers, Groups & Masks

You can now merge two or more layers.

•  When two or more layers are selected, the Merge Layer ~ic-merge-layers~~ic-merge-layers~ option is available.
•  To merge selected layers on iOS, use long press > merge layers.
•  Layers are also easily merged with the drag and drop functionality. If you drag and drop a layer on top of another layer, the dropped layer is on top.

In our 4.8.0 update, we completely revamped the layer, nesting, and masking functionalities and introduced the new Click-Through feature.

•  A redesigned and fully reworked Layers Tab ~ic-layers-tab~~ic-layers-tab~
•  Unlimited Nested Layers and Groups ~ic-group~~ic-group~
•  Editable Masks ~ic-mask~~ic-mask~ in their Isolate State
•  Fast selection via Click-Through Mode

Go to the Section Layers ->

Multiple Color Palettes

With the 4.7.0 update you can finally create and import Color Palettes ~ic-palettes-tab~~ic-palettes-tab~, among the following new features:

•  Add or delete colors on the Color Palette, including Gradients.
•  Set a Primary Palette, which will be marked with a star icon).
•  Import Palettes either by directly selecting the files or by dragging and dropping the Color Palette from Procreate into Vectornator.
•  Search a specific Palette with the new Search feature inside the Palettes Tab.

⚠️ It is important to mention that only users who have iOS 14 installed will be able to access this new feature.

color palettes vectornator swatches ase
Go to the Section Color Palettes ->

iCloud Sync

Design anywhere, everywhere. You can now store and sync all of your Vectornator creations across all your Apple devices by using iCloud ~ic-icloud~~ic-icloud~. Start working on your iPad and transition seamlessly to iMac to refine your work.

vectornator icloud sync
Go to the Section iCloud Sync ->

You can find all the new features in the Vectornator App for iMac as well. Discover how to use them in our Mac Manual ->

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Last Updated on May 07, 2023
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