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Vectornator on iPad

Vectornator on iPad

Vectornator is a powerful vector design platform packed with amazing features and offers an all-in-one solution for your design needs.

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Vectornator offers absolute versatility on your iPad. All of your design needs are at your fingertips, with intuitive controls and powerful tools.

Using Vectornator with the Apple Pencil on iPad simulates a paper-like drawing experience. Alternatively, you can connect a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard to your iPad to use Vectornator in an unmatched desktop experience.

Cursor Support on iPadOS

Since iPadOS 13.4, hooking up a mouse and keyboard to your iPad allows you to enjoy a full desktop experience on your iPad with Vectornator. Cursor support is also enabled for text alignment and handles point interaction on all Shape tools. With this implementation, you are now equipped for end-to-end design creation using only your iPad.

Vectornator on iPhone

Our easy-to-use iPhone interface provides a professional design experience on the iPhone without sacrificing any of the features you love from Vectornator on your iPad or Mac. Installing Vectornator on your iPhone adds a new way you can preview and edit all of your vector files on the go. You never know when you’ll need to make one final edit to your project when you're away from your computer!

The Astronaut by Samy Loewe

Vectornator on Mac

Whether you use a mouse, a keyboard, a digital pencil, or your fingers to create your projects, we believe that the next generation of design tools should support you creatively no matter what device or tool that you rely on.

The next generation of graphic design software will be mobile. That’s why Vectornator runs on all your Apple devices, no matter where you are or whether you're working on iPad, Mac or iPhone, you’re getting the best experience possible. The choice is yours!

Visit our Mac Learning Hub if you want to learn how to use Vectornator on your Mac ➞

How to use the iOS Online Manual

We believe it's really important to have happy users, even when they first download our software.

We designed this Learning Hub to simplify the learning process for you, show you where to find these features, and show you how to use them. Use this space to help you discover all the Vectornator's tools, and how to use them.

Draw the Space by Nastya Kuliabina

We also decided to introduce the in-app part of our Learning Hub: a Help Tooltip. This feature is dedicated to explaining every aspect of Vectornator with a corresponding link to our online Learning Hub. Simply long-press on any element inside Vectornator, and you'll see a tooltip explaining it, as well as a link to more information.

Read this Online Manual from start to finish or click from link to link and explore. Refer to a specific section to fill a gap in your knowledge, or use Search to find the answers you need faster.

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Last Updated on Jan 10, 2022
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