Code of Conduct

The Vectornator Code of Conduct is a way for us to share our values and put them into practice. We built it around our passion and value for our (and your) work, our team, and our community. It is the responsibility of the entire Vectornator community to make decisions and take actions in a manner that fully respects the code of conduct regardless of the platform of interaction.

As both Vectornator and its contributors (you) grow and develop with time, the code of conduct is a 'living' document that adapts to our changes. Please read through it completely before entering the Vectornator community.

Thank you very much,

– The Vectornator Team

Zero Tolerance for Harassment, Discrimination, or Bullying

Vectornator prohibits harassment, discrimination, and bullying of any form, whether verbal, physical, or visual. Our community is an open and equal space for everyone regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disabilities, medical conditions, or any other characteristic protected by law.

There is no acceptance for Vectornator users being subjected to offensive, abusive, or otherwise unwanted behavior on any Vectornator platform (online and offline) which violates the personal dignity or creates an intimidating, or humiliating environment for individuals (e.g. physical, sexual, psychological, verbal or any other form of harassment).

Online harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Making offensive and insulting comments
  • Sending unsolicited and/or threatening messages
  • Spreading rumours
  • Impersonating other users by sending provoking, controversial or unwelcome message which causes others to respond negatively to the victim
  • Sending pornography or other graphic material that is knowingly offensive
  • Sending viruses by e-mail (electronic sabotage)

Respect and Inclusiveness are Our Core Values

We are committed to the fair and equal treatment of all Vectornator users across all platforms. Behind every online account and avatar is a human being which deserves friendly and respectful treatment. We cherish an open and welcoming culture in which the Vectornator platform helps to bridge the gap between cultural and physical differences.

The Vectornator community is a place of support and inclusiveness. It's users range from fresh beginners to by-heart experts, which is wonderful, as we complement each other perfectly. Questions are encouraged, though they should be directed to the appropriate channel. If you can, try to help each other out and answer other users' questions, contribute to a discussion, and bring ideas to fruition, even if the problems seem trivial to you. Stay friendly, polite, and constructive in all your discussions. Try to use neutral language and accept that people have differences of opinion and that sometimes there is no single right answer, especially when it comes to design.

Be Who You Are

To foster an authentic and transparent community we kindly ask you to not create fake accounts or use multiple accounts on Vectornator platforms. Besides that, please refrain from using the platforms as a promotion channel for personal products and services. We encourage everyone to monitor the community in order to help keep it a trusted and useful environment, free of self-promotion and spam.

Don't Hesitate to Take Action

Have a bias for action when you experience, observe, or become aware of any misconduct. You can always advise other people to read the code of conduct or to contact any of the forum moderators and Vectornator team members. If you believe you've witnessed or have been harassed, discriminated, or bullied against yourself, we strongly ask you to report the incident to the Vectornator team to . We will promptly and thoroughly investigate the case to take action and support you.

This code of conduct applies to all Vectornator community spaces. However, if you experience any misbehavior outside Vectornator platforms but related to a Vectornator community member, please reach out to us. Harassment is not bounded to one space or time, and we take all forms of it seriously, whether they occur on our platforms or otherwise.


We reserve the right to exclude people from the Vectornator community based on their  behavior, including behavior outside of the Vectornator community spaces.

However, we will step into conversation with all sides to prevent misleading reporting out of bad faith. We will never name harassment victims without their explicit affirmative consent.

Repeated breaches of the code of conduct may result in temporary or permanent expulsion (banning).