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Do you want to take an active role in the Vectornator community and build the creative tools of the future with us? By becoming an Ambassador, you can take the lead in helping us make graphic design accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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Illustrator & Icon Designer
Soodabeh Damavandi
Illustrator & YouTuber
Nastya Kuliábina
Illustrator & UX Designer
Maddy Zoli
Who can be an Ambassador?

Let's grow together

Whether you're an experienced designer, hobby illustrator, or a soon-to-be creator, anyone who wants to learn, laugh, and grow with Vectornator is welcome to join us on our journey. We will support you every step of the way, from gathering together creatives to create a sustainable community, to talking about design topics and nurturing creativity.

Community Leader

As a community leader, you'll connect like-minded people in your location by coordinating in-person and virtual meetups.

Spotlight Page

Your profile will be featured on the Vectornator Forum, so the world can see all the amazing things you create with your community.


You'll receive exclusive Vectornator Ambassador merchandise so you can proudly show-off our partnership wherever you go.

Brand Kit

You'll get special access to the Vectornator Ambassador Brand Kit. It's full of useful information that you can share with your community.

Ambassador Channel

Join a private Vectornator Ambassador chat channel where you can share experiences, advice, and ideas with fellow Ambassadors.

Team Insights

You'll have direct contact with the Vectornator Team. We'll support you, share insights, and help you to be the best Ambassador you can be.
“A few years ago, I wanted to sketch the wiring diagram of a DC electric motor, so I searched for a drawing app on my iPhone. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with any digital drawing software, but after some research, I found Vectornator. I slowly started to learn how to use it and realized that it’s very intuitive. Today, I’m continuing to learn more and more about vector graphics.”
Vectornator Ambassador
Program Setup

Design your own events

Ambassadors are free to decide on the type of event they want to host. You could organize a co-working day, a meetup to discuss the latest design topics, or just a chill get-together. Feel free to create your individual community, but always keep in mind to aspire for a safe, diverse, and sustainable environment, with regular meetups throughout the year.


We encourage you to design your own program, where openness, diversity, and development are pillars of your community ethos. However, to get the most out of our Ambassador partnership, there are a few requirements that should be met.

Notify us of your events

We love to support you and see how your community is evolving.

One event per quarter

Of course, there are no upper limits.

10 attendees minimum

Please have at least 10 attendees at your meetups.

Share pictures

Please share a picture of your event with us.

Want to be a Vectornator Ambassador?

Become a Vectornator Ambassador and collaborate with other artists, redefine design workflows, and empower everyone to be creative by helping people to connect and learn from one another.

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Any Questions?

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Can my school be a Vectornator Ambassador?

Of course! We love seeing young minds work with Vectornator, and we're here to support you in your graphic design journey. Schools and other types of establishments can become Ambassadors, but we need one person from the group to volunteer as the single point of contact. Get in touch to talk about the next steps.

What happens if Ambassadors don’t fulfill requirements?

If you have trouble fulfilling the Ambassador requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you, find a solution, and work together. If one or more of the requirements aren't met for an event, we'll assist with getting you back on track. If there's no improvement after our help, unfortunately your benefits will be withdrawn.