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We’ve been there too.

That's why we built Vectornator. It’s a vector graphic design platform that doesn’t feel stuck in 1987. It’s the first product in the most intuitive, precise, and user-friendly suite of vector design tools in the world.

We want to make the tools we would have wanted when we started out as designers.

This is why we made

Vladimir Danila
CEO & Founder of Linearity

In 2017, our then-17-year-old founder, Vladimir Danila, set out to provide a solution to the frustrating experience of digital designing, and Vectornator was born.

Designers are looking for a modern design tool that isn’t held back by the constraints of print. We’re establishing Vectornator as the new industry-standard design tool for a digital-first world. With powerful AI design assistance, integrated community features, and many other workflow-boosting tools coming soon, we are beyond excited to bring you the next generation of design tools.

Vectors are for everyone.

Beginnings of computing

Computer graphics have always been pixel-based, but it used to be more obvious in the past. Screen resolution was low, color capabilities were limited, and computational power was scarce, so designers had to design in a creative box that was restricted by the constraints of the hardware.

Adobe Photoshop was born in 1988 out of this paradigm; when screen resolution was stuck somewhere around 72dpi.

Pixels were not enough

As the desktop publishing revolution ramped up during the late 80s, the need arose for a “pixel-less” way of creating computer graphics for print and publishing, which have a way higher resolution. Technologies like Postscript (precursor to PDF) paved the way for the early vector graphics movement. With screens this sharp, designing “straight into pixels” was no longer the most optimal method of designing.

From Pixels to Vectors

It was then vector graphics had a resurgence, as an abstracted layer on top of pixels. Now, Vectornator is disrupting the pixel to its fullest in everything but photography by making vectors as easy to work with as pixels.

Do you want to change the way people design all over the world?

The Talent Behind the Vectors

“Our Community guided us through a journey, crafting and creating the design tool that they aspire to have. That's why we aspire to build accessible, intuitive and powerful tools that empower everyone to output their creativity into the world.”

Ralph Theodori
Design Director

“The Vectornator team is driven by the needs of its users! In the Product Team, we attach great importance to examining the needs of our users and developing solutions that will increase the comfort of use and make creating with Vectornator great fun.”

Paulina Jozwik
Product Designer

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Group Product Manager, Google

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Ex Design Director Apple, Director Design Microsoft, VP UX Blackberry

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