Vectornator 4.0:
The Design Tool of the Future

We’re taking your design experience a step further. With Vectornator 4.0, we’re introducing a redesigned Mac app, Quick Actions for iOS, Emoji and SF symbol support, and over 70+ other new features and changes available now on your iPad, iPhone and Mac. This is more than just an app update. It’s a full UI redesign. Vectornator now looks and feels like native Mac. You’ve never felt this at home.

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Think. Click. Quick.

Quick Actions can speed up your workflow by up to 30%. These new context-sensitive options put the tools you need the most right where you need them.

Menus are yesterday’s news. The context-sensitive Quick Actions bar changes and adapts to your workflow, always showing you the options you need for the next step in your project.

A seamless native new Mac experience.

This Vectornator 4.0 update has been expertly crafted to give you an experience specifically created for Mac, on an intuitive design platform that feels like home.

And with Vectornator, you won’t have to wait thirty seconds for your design tool to load every time you change something. You’re a modern designer. You deserve a tool that can keep up with your pace.

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The Design tool that looks like one.

As a designer, if you spent your whole day creating beautiful UI designs, wouldn’t you want to do it in using a design platform that looks just as good?

Our sleek new frosted glass interface elements float above your canvas, creating a feeling of immersion that allows you to focus completely on your work. You’ll see the difference, but you’ll feel it too. Everything is crisp, smooth, and intuitive.

SF Symbols you know and love.

Our Iconator library of over 80k royalty-free icons is expanding. We're adding the full range of over 2,400 beautiful SF icons that make Apple products so iconic.

Say it with Emoji.

We use emojis everywhere, from personal text messages to brand advertisements. Now, you can use them seamlessly alongside text in Vectornator without needing to import them as a separate image.

Make Settings yours.

Our Settings tab did some spring cleaning. Now, it’s got a cleaner structure to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Plus, our new customizable Quick Settings feature allows you to toggle options directly on the canvas, such as outline mode, layer isolation, rulers, guides, and more.

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Exporting Reimagined.

The export user interface has been redesigned from the ground up. You can now select which artboard you want to export directly in the export screen.
And now we have multi-artboard time-lapse support. Previously time-lapse was only supported for single-artboard documents. That limitation is finally lifted.

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A grid for every Board.

Grids aren’t “one size fits all”. We know that different artboards need different adjustable sizes of grids. So now, grids are unique to each individual artboard in your project, and they can be changed independently from each other.

You can copy my style.

Now you can finally copy and paste a text or object style from one part of your project to another. We’re all about saving you time, and this feature does exactly that.

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Vectornator runs on iPadOS 13 & iOS 13 and later or macOS Big Sur or later (Native M1 support).

If you have an older Mac and cannot upgrade to Big Sur, we have the option to download the previous release of Vectornator that you can download on your macOS Catalina too. Download it here ➞