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Create without constraint.

Whether you're a designer prototyping a new logo on your couch, or an illustrator creating a vector painting of the Milky Way with thousands of stars, the pen tool handles it with ease.

Use our powerful gesture controls to change your node types, or change the types of all your nodes with just one finger on the screen.

With our Auto Trace technology, hours of tracing images by hand are reduced to just the press of a button.

Pen Tool
Gestures & Shortcuts
Auto Trace
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Publications that speak for themselves.

We have numerous features to make your next publication shine. Our text-editing tool allows you to easily handle all your document's text.

Edit masks, drag-and-drop images, create guides and templates, or use custom fonts for your print document. Together with our versatile grid system, our graphic design tool will take your designs to the next level.

The CMYK preview helps you review your projects in high-fidelity to ensure that your colors are pixel-perfect and correct.

Unlimited Artboards
Kerning, Tracking, Line Height
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Pen Tool vectornator highlights color nodes

Best Typography in the Galaxy.

Working with typography is difficult, and takes a lot of practice. We believe that magic happens when tools don’t get in the way, so we designed Vectornator to be a joy when working with letters.

Our Path Guides allow you to frame your content perfectly. Convert any text into vector shapes, import custom fonts, and alter the typography to your heart's content.

Outline Text
Custom Fonts
Path Guides
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Edit PDFs easily

Freely edit your PDF documents.

Rewrite and edit text, change images, and rotate pages. You can even sign your name with our Brush Tool, just like you would with a real pen!
Vectornator allows you to export your new PDF document in many different formats. The world is your oyster.

Multiple Pages
Edit Text
Add Signatures
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Made with #Vectornator

Get inspired by stunning artworks created by our lovely community of hundred-thousand talented graphic designers. Their skills with Vectornator never cease to amaze us!

macbook with vectornator

Desktop level precision? Elementary.

Whether you use a mouse, a keyboard, a digital pencil, or your fingers to create your projects, we believe that the next generation of design tools should support you creatively no matter what device or tool that you rely on.

The next generation of graphic design software will be mobile. That’s why Vectornator runs on all your Apple devices, so that no matter where you are or whether you're working on iPad, Mac or iPhone, you’re getting the best experience possible. The choice is yours.

Unlimited and Saved Undo History
Same code base on all platforms
Touch, Pen, Mouse, Keyboard and Wacom Pad support
Pen tool

The beast behind every illustration.

Every powerful design tool has a pen tool at its core. With Vectornator, you will have the best experience creating complex and detailed paths thanks to our next-generation Pen tool workflow. With precision controls on both desktop and iPad, our Pen Tool makes Vectornator essential for every illustrator.

Pen gesture support
Path options
Node types
Node tool
Vectornator Artworkwork using the Pen Tool on iPad

Vector Illustrations. Elevated.

Create freeform paths for even more realistic illustrations. You can edit, customize, or even create your own brushes. When using the Apple Pencil, each stroke is pressure-sensitive, making your entire drawing experience truly feel like pen-on-paper.

Prototyping and mockups design has never been faster, and infographics are a breeze. The possibilities are literally endless.

Variable width
Custom brushes
Pressure sensitivity
Quick Actions

A Better Way to Work.

Our smart contextual menus put the tools you need at your fingertips.

Depending on the type of object you have selected, you can easily access core actions like changing opacity, stack order, boolean operations, and much more, with no additional menus.

Quick actions speed up your learning curve, and let you work up to 30% faster.

Contextual Menus
Core Toolbox
Faster Workflow
Smoothest Workflow

Continuity from start to finish.

Sometimes, you need to use multiple design tools for your projects. Especially within a design team. Thanks to our numerous integrations, extensive import/export features, ready-made social media templates, and drag-and-drop options, you can easily switch between different apps in your workflow.

The same goes for hardware: whether you’re working on your phone, with a drawing tablet, or with a 3rd-party pencil, we keep your workflow smooth and seamless, no matter your personal design system. This is user experience at its finest.

Liam Brazier
Liam Brazier
Digital Illustration Artist
“An Illustration Machine.”

Vectornator has truly made my iPad Pro a professional illustration machine. It simply works the way I work, with the recognisable tools I need to create vector artwork from start to finish.

Has worked with:
Speed through it.

Inspired by those cool videos on social media where complex graphics materialize before your eyes? With Vectornator's automatic Time-lapse recording, you can capture your design process from start to finish to create videos exactly like this! No plugin required! Perfect for sending to your clients, your stakeholders or for sharing your design process on your own social media.

Skip the hassle.

Turn your favorite images into beautiful vector illustrations with just one magical tap; saving you hours of manual tracing. Our powerful Auto Trace technology converts images into full-fledged and editable vector shapes.
The days of late-night tracing or working with low-resolution content are finally over. Our tool is perfect for turning your favorite images into vector shapes; ideal for web design and more. No tutorial needed.

The right angle.

Unlike many other graphic design platforms like Adobe Illustrator, Vectornator offers a built-in isometric grid, which lets you create projects with perspective guides. Our grid also has adjustable angles, allowing you to make the exact framer guides for your illustration needs.

Get started with Vectornator today.

Vectornator runs on iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 and later,
or macOS Big Sur and later (with native M1 support).